Workforce Development

Expanding the workforce needed to care for, and serve, a rapidly growing aging population.

In 2014, Latinos surpassed Caucasians as the largest ethnic group in California, and by 2020 nearly 45% of California’s 65-plus population will be a minority.  Archstone Foundation is supporting education and training programs that will prepare tomorrow’s workforce to meet the needs of California’s large and culturally diverse older adults.

Prior workforce efforts included training and curriculum development in legacy areas (elder abuse and neglect, end-of-life care, fall prevention), along with programs focused on housing and behavioral health.  In addition, Archstone Foundation funded the Institute of Medicine’s landmark 2008 report “Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce.”

Looking ahead, Archstone Foundation will explore ways to incorporate workforce development into its three priority areas, Aging in Community, Depression in Late-Life, and Family Caregiving. 

Through its Responsive Grantmaking, the Foundation will continue to support additional opportunities to ensure that tomorrow’s workforce has the knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of California’s aging population.

Learn about more recent workforce development projects that Archstone Foundation has supported in the Grants Database.