How can I apply for an Archstone Foundation Grant?
To apply for a grant from Archstone Foundation please review the What We Fund section of the website.  The Foundation accepts unsolicited Letters of Inquiry (LOI) through its Responsive Grantmaking strategy and on occasion, will release a competitive Request for Proposal within its targeted initiative areas.

Is there a deadline to submit a proposal?
The Foundation accepts unsolicited LOI through its Responsive Grantmaking strategy on an ongoing basis. Program staff review LOI monthly. In an effort to manage the Foundation's review of LOI, those submitted before the 15th of a given month will be reviewed during the following month. If an LOI is a match with the Foundation's priority areas a full proposal will be requested. A timeline will be established between the organization and program staff. Quarterly, the Foundation makes funding determinations. There is no guarantee that proposals received prior to the quarterly meeting will be on the agenda for that corresponding meeting. However, the proposal will be reviewed in the next cycle.

What kinds of budget items can be requested?
Any reasonable costs associated with conducting the project may be considered, keeping in mind the general exclusions noted below. The Foundation also limits the amount allowable for indirect costs to a maximum of 10%.

The Foundation will not consider support of:

  1. Organizations without 501(c)(3) designation or individuals (although some government-sponsored projects may be considered);
  2. Biomedical research;
  3. Capital expenditures, "bricks and mortar" or building campaigns; and
  4. Fundraising events.

What is the typical size of a grant awarded?
There is no typical size. The amount awarded varies considerably based on the size and complexity of the project.

What is the maximum number of years a grant can be awarded?
Continuation funding on any specific project is limited up to a maximum of three years.

If my proposal is approved, how soon would I receive funding, and how are funds distributed?
Upon award, the initial payment (90%) will be paid upon receipt of your signed Grant Agreement. The remaining 10% retention will be paid upon receipt, and approval, of the Final Evaluation and zero-balance Financial Report. 

I run a local service program for seniors in another state; would I be eligible for funding?
No, generally all direct service delivery programs are limited to California.

In recognition of the source of the Foundation's endowment, priority is given to proposals serving the Southern California region. Proposals from outside Southern California may be considered if they serve the state as a whole, are demonstration projects with potential for replication in California, or have a regional or national impact. Projects that have the potential to improve practice in the field may also be considered.

Can I make a donation to Archstone Foundation?
No.  Archstone Foundation is an independent private foundation, with assets of over $100 million and cannot accept donations.  However, there are many other organizations that may match your areas of interest and can take donations.  We also hope that those interested in making contributions will support our grantees or other public charities in the fields in which we work.  Please refer to our list of grantees to find many aging-related programs. Thank you for your interest.

I am an individual seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for a grant?
No, in keeping with our charter, we do not provide funding to individuals.

I am raising money for a cause. Am I eligible for a grant?
No, Archstone Foundation makes grants to organizations (501(c)(3)) directly rather than through individual fundraising activities; therefore, we are unable to fund your effort.

What are the reporting requirements? What if I need more time?
Grants require quarterly Progress and Financial Reports, and an annual Evaluation Report. Some grants may require bi-annual reports depending on the project. Please refer to your Grant Agreement for your specific reporting requirements. 

If your reports will be delayed, please contact your designated Program Officer to discuss a new reporting date.

How are reports formatted?
Please refer to the Progress and/or Evaluation Report Guidelines.  Additional information may be submitted with your reports; however, we ask that you please use the reporting guidelines to respond to the specific questions listed. Likewise, please use Archstone Foundation’s Financial Report template, which allows the Foundation to compare budgeted amounts to actual expenditures.

Do you allow no-cost extensions or budget modifications? 
To extend a grant’s end date, or to modify the budget, a request must be submitted in writing to reports@archstone.org, and reviewed by your assigned Program Officer.  

We understand that the budget submitted with your proposal is a proposed document that is likely to change over the course of the project. We also understand that allowing some spending flexibility will allow the work to proceed in a smoother and more efficient manner. Guidelines regarding a rebudget and the Budget Revision Request form are located on the website.  Budget revisions are requested for line-item changes and/or variances in any line-item. 

No-cost extension request information may also be found on the website.  Extension requests must be made before the expiration date of the grant, not the final reporting due-date, to be considered.

What if the scope of the work changes?
Any contemplated changes to a project/program’s scope of work or outcomes should be discussed with your assigned Program Officer as soon as possible. Your Program Officer will advise you regarding next steps.

What do we do with any remaining funds at the conclusion of the grant?
Please contact your assigned Program Officer 30-60 days prior to the project end-date to discuss any funds remaining.  

Are there any special re-granting stipulations?
Re-granting is done only in the form of a sub-grant or sub-agreement submitted with the original grant proposal and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Director’s.    

Who do I notify in the event of address & contact changes?
In the event of address and/or staffing changes, your assigned Program Officer should be notified.