National Efforts, 2005-2011

In 2005, Archstone Foundation launched its Fall Prevention Initiative and funded the formation of the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence (FPCE), a nationally recognized consortium of five academic and public sector partners in California.  With over $10 million in funding, the Initiative established fall prevention as a key public health priority in the State, educated thousands of consumers and professionals about fall prevention, and supported the evaluation of effective and sustainable fall prevention programs across the country.  The national arm of the Fall Prevention Initiative was led by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) with more than 60 national organizations as partners.

In December 2007, the Foundation again gathered over 140 thought leaders, with a vested interest in fall prevention, to map out next steps on how California could better address this serious problem.  Discussions from the 2007 California Fall Prevention Summit helped the FPCE update and expand a statewide strategy focused on sustaining and replicating promising fall prevention programs.  In addition, it offered recommendations on how to improve policies in the areas of community programs, education and training, healthcare, healthy lifestyles and recreation, and safe housing and communities.  Following the Summit, the FPCE published the Proceedings of the 2007 California Fall Prevention Summit: Progress, Challenges & Next Steps - a complete findings report on the work of the Summit and next steps.  

In 2010, Archstone Foundation provided additional funding to the FPCE to support the Fall Prevention Connect Project—a FPCE collaboration with the Los Angeles Fire Department.  Funding was used to improve falls data collection and referrals by Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers.  In addition, FPCE received support to further test InSTEP, a multi-factorial fall prevention program that incorporates physical activity, medical management, and home assessments.  During the same year, St. Barnabas Senior Center, Los Angeles, conducted a cultural adaptation of InSTEP for Korean- and Spanish-speaking older adults, and the Foundation renewed its support of the national Falls Free® Initiative.

In 2011, the Foundation funded the University of California, Los Angeles’ Center for Health Policy Research (CHPR)  to collect falls data as part of the 2011 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), including questions specific to falls and an analysis of comparable data collected in 2003 and 2007.  Also in 2011, the Foundation provided two years of additional support to the FPCE to continue its efforts. 

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