A Lasting Impact

Today, thanks to the important and hard work of the Foundation’s statewide and national fall prevention partners, there are a multitude of evidence-based fall prevention programs and a Fall Prevention Center on Excellence.  There are at least 11 states in the United States pushing for new legislation related to fall prevention.  The American Physical Therapists Association (APTA) and the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) continue to have falls as a high priority for research, and developing education and training resources.

The capacity of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers is being shaped to address falls, and there is even universal design education.  There are tools, media toolkits, and online resources.  Nationally there is a Falls Prevention Awareness Day, and in California, there is fall prevention awareness week. The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research published a detailed health policy brief with policy suggestions to help reduce the risk of falls.

In the broader field now, there are best practices, and technology companies are providing data analytics, remote monitoring, and caregiver alerts, to improve the safety of older adults in their homes.  AT&T and Time-Warner Cable are using their service networks to tap into areas such as fall prevention.  Video game companies are launching games that address fall prevention.  Today, fall prevention and emerging technology are now being used in the same sentence and fall prevention has become not only a national, but an international focus.  Publications and trainings are being done in at least three languages, English, Spanish, and Chinese, and fall prevention conferences are taking place in multiple countries.

Archstone Foundation continues to see fall prevention as a key public health issue, and seeks to sustain the progress that was made through its broader vision for Aging in Community.