Early Outreach

From 1991 through 2005, the Foundation awarded 37 grants totaling over $3.7 million to support elder abuse and neglect programs, build multidisciplinary teams, provide training and awareness around the issue of elder abuse, support national conferences, and to deliver direct victim assessments and interventions.

In 2006, the Foundation made a deeper commitment, with the launch of the Elder Abuse & Neglect Initiative. From 2006 to 2010, the Initiative provided $8.5 million to fund 22 projects focused on improving the quality and coordination of elder abuse and neglect services in California.  These projects supported education and training for mandated reporters (e.g., clergy, first responders, medical professionals, and others), multidisciplinary team development, forensic center development, financial protection, and improved legal and court responses to elder abuse. This investment represented the first significant statewide, coordinated effort to strategically advance elder abuse and neglect.

Archstone Foundation published its Phase 1 Report in 2008, which describes the Initiative and highlights preliminary results from the Initiative’s first two years.  In 2010, the Foundation supported a statewide summit, to identify areas of opportunity to improve coordination of protective and prevention services.

A special issue of the Journal of Elder Abuse highlighted the elder abuse and neglect work of the Foundation in 2010, providing detail on the Initiative and its evaluation results.

In 2011, the Foundation released a Five-Year Report: Defining the Future:  Evaluation Findings and Next Steps, summarizing the outcomes and lessons learned from its commitment to elder abuse and neglect.  Archstone Foundation also provided support to four service-innovation projects to expand programs that address unmet needs and fill gaps in services for victims of elder abuse and neglect in California. These projects focused on providing preventive services, services for victims of fraud and financial abuse, improved legal services, and mental health services for elder abuse and neglect victims.