Legacy Funding Areas

In 1995, Archstone Foundation, with the leadership of Joseph F. Prevratil, President and CEO, shifted its focus exclusively to confronting the challenges of an aging population.  The Foundation’s Board of Directors realized that a greater commitment was needed to make a more meaningful impact in this critical, yet underfunded, area.

As the economy shifted in the early 2000s, the Foundation decided to focus its funding even further, on a select group of aging issues that required more strategic and sustained support.  The Foundation’s decade-long commitment to fall prevention, elder abuse and neglect, and end-of-life care began to wind down in 2012.  This investment led to both greater awareness of these challenges, and significant advances in expertise and services, throughout California, and the United States. 

Archstone Foundation is no longer seeking unsolicited proposals in its legacy areas of fall prevention, elder abuse and neglect, and end-of-life care; however, to learn more about these past-funded initiatives, click on the link below: