Family Caregiving

Developing innovative responses to support family members caring for older adults.

Caregiving is an issue that touches almost every life in America—the National Alliance for Caregiving estimates there are more than 44 million Americans providing care to an older adult family member.  Historically, Archstone Foundation has supported family caregiving by funding policy and program development, and training programs that support family caregivers.

More recently, the Foundation funded the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine's 2014 study to address the present state of family caregiving and identify needs for the future.  The study suggests policies involving and supporting family caregivers that can improve delivery of services to older adults with chronic disease, disabilities, cognitive impairment and other frailties.  It is the Foundation’s hope that the resulting report, Families Caring for an Aging America, will help to provide a roadmap to local, state, federal, public and private organizations to better support family caregivers at every level.

The Foundation is using Responsive Grantmaking to explore a range of projects that will help to guide the creation of a family caregiving initiative.  Funding opportunities might include innovative or new direct-service programs, and/or demonstration projects that help build capacity and provide support to hardworking family caregivers.

More recently, Archstone Foundation announced a Request for Proposals, Supporting Family Caregivers of Older Adults through Adult Day Services.  The goal of this funding opportunity is to: 1) strengthen the capacity of Adult Day Services programs as a support for family caregivers; 2) increase the implementation of evidence-based programs and practices for family caregivers; and 3) support strategic efforts that will contribute toward the long-term sustainability of Adult Day Services programs.  The RFP is now closed and funded programs will be announced in March 2018.

Learn about more recent Archstone-funded projects that are helping family caregivers in the Grants Database.