Talking Elder Abuse: A FrameWorks Communication Toolkit

Posted June 14, 2017 | Current News

Over the past two years, the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) and FrameWorks Institute have collaborated to create an evidence-based communication strategy that reframes the public’s understanding of elder abuse.  The Frameworks Institute’s findings from earlier research into cultural attitudes and beliefs on elder abuse suggest the public lacks awareness and understanding of the societal causes, effects, and solutions to elder abuse.

To solve this issue, the FrameWorks Institute worked with the NCEA to create Talking Elder Abuse: A FrameWorks Communication Toolkit, a comprehensive set of framing research and resources that shows advocates and professionals against elder abuse how to apply the research in communication practice.  This toolkit demonstrates how we can restructure our communities to put elder abuse on the public agenda, generate a sense of collective efficacy on the issue, and boost support for systemic solutions to prevent and address it.

Using funding from Archstone Foundation and The John A. Hartford Foundation, Grantmakers In Aging sponsored the FrameWorks Institute research to amplify more effective and meaningful discourse on aging and elder abuse.