Archstone Foundation Helps to Establish Falls Free Coalition

Posted March 31, 2005 | Archived News | 2005-2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Top health and safety organizations including The National Council on Aging (NCOA), the Home Safety Council (HSC), the National Safety Council (NSC) and Archstone Foundation announced today the formation of the Falls Free Coalition to address the growing problem of falls and fall-related injuries among older adults. More than one-third of adults 65 years and older fall each year and among those who fall, 20 to 30 percent suffer moderate to severe injuries that reduce mobility and independence, and increase the risk of premature death.
The coalition, consisting of more than 55 organizations, represents a collaborative approach to promoting a national falls prevention action plan. Experts and stakeholders first gathered at a summit in December to produce the groundbreaking new initiative entitled Falls Free: Promoting a National Falls Prevention Action Plan. The national action plan, a collection of 36 strategies designed to address the challenges related to a national falls prevention initiative, was released in March at the American Society on Aging and NCOA annual conference.
"Finding ways to prevent and reduce falls is of paramount importance for seniors today and tomorrow," said James Firman, President and CEO of NCOA. "The National Action Plan is offered as both a call to action and a guide for implementing an effective, coordinated approach to reducing injurious and fatal falls among older adults."
Reducing falls among older adults is a complex public health issue that can only be addressed through a coordinated effort among a diverse number of organizations. "Creating a comprehensive national action plan was an initial step to addressing and preventing falls among older adults," said HSC President Meri-K Appy. "Establishing the Falls Free Coalition will move the needle even further by advocating for a public policy solution to preventing falls."
The Falls Free Coalition will work to advance solutions in the areas of public policy, communications and advocacy. "Because falls among older adults is an issue of extreme importance to the National Safety Council, we have actively promoted Federal legislation that addresses fall prevention initiatives," said NSC President and CEO Alan McMillan. "The collaborative leadership of these organizations will advance the collective efforts of the Falls Free Coalition to diminish the personal and financial devastation that preventable falls cause individuals, their families and society."
The coalition hopes to advance the national action plan among key national stakeholders and build community awareness and support for prevention activities among older adults.  

"The causes of falls are multiple", said Joseph F. Prevratil, President and CEO of Archstone Foundation. "And so to effectively intervene we must work collaboratively. Archstone Foundation is pleased to partner in this national effort."
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About NCOA
Founded in 1950, The National Council on Aging is a national network of organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the health and independence of older persons; increasing their continuing contributions to communities, society and future generations; and building caring communities. Its 3,800 members include senior centers, adult day service centers, area agencies on aging, faith congregations, senior housing facilities, employment services, and other consumer organizations. NCOA also includes a voluntary network of more than 14,000 leaders from academia, business and labor who support our mission and work.  
About Home Safety Council
The Home Safety Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping prevent the nearly 21 million medical visits that occur on average each year from unintentional injuries in the home. Through national programs and partners across America, the Home Safety Council works to educate and empower families to take actions that help keep them safe in and around their homes. 
About the National Safety Council
The National Safety Council is a nonprofit, nongovernmental, international public service organization dedicated to protecting life and promoting health. Members of NSC include more than 45,000 businesses, labor organizations, schools, public agencies, private groups and individuals. Founded in 1913, and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1953, the primary focus of the NSC is preventing injuries on highways and in homes, workplaces and communities. To learn more about the National Safety Council visit
About Archstone Foundation
Archstone Foundation is a private non-profit grantmaking organization founded in 1985, whose mission is to contribute toward the preparation of society in meeting the needs of an aging population.  It has awarded more than $50 million in grants since its inception. Archstone Foundation is currently focusing the majority of its resources to address the following four issue areas, with an emphasis on funding California-based initiatives:

  • Elder Abuse and Neglect
  • Fall Prevention
  • End-of-Life Issues
  • Responsive grantmaking to address emerging needs within society's aging population.

Archstone Foundation strives for lasting change and working in partnership with others. To learn more about the Foundation and the work of its grantees, visit