Budget Narrative Guidelines

A Budget Narrative should be submitted in Microsoft Word for all LOIs and Full Proposals.  The purpose of the Budget Narrative is to supplement the brief information provided in the Budget Request.  It should justify how the budget items are necessary to implement the project goals and objectives, and to accomplish the proposed outcomes.  It is a guide to help Archstone Foundation staff fully understand the budgetary needs of the applicant, and to provide more descriptive information regarding the costs.  Together, the Budget Narrative and Budget Request should provide a complete financial and qualitative description that supports the proposed project or program plan.


Personnel: Provide the name and title, percent of time committed, and project role of every person listed on the budget.  Include a brief summary of duties and responsibilities, and any additional source of salary support.


  • Program Director, [Insert Name], will oversee the implementation of the program.  We are requesting .10 FTE for this position.
  • Case Manager [Insert name], will meet weekly with clients to discuss issues and assess progress towards stated goals.  We are requesting 15% of the salary for this 1 FTE position.
  • Administrative Assistant [Insert Name], will be provided in-kind by the organization.  This person will assist the Program Director and perform administrative tasks related to the proposed scope of work.

Benefits: Please provide the combined benefit percentage.  Examples of fringe benefits may include health and dental insurance, life insurance, and/or pension contributions.


  • Fringe benefits are paid at an average of 20% – the combined total requested for benefits is $1,500.

Consultants: Describe the work to be performed by each consultant.  State how the work is necessary to implement the project goals and objectives, and to accomplish the proposed outcomes. Provide information about the expertise and/or skills of each consultant and how/why the consultant was chosen to work on this project.  Describe additional costs associated with the consultant such as travel, project supplies, or other related miscellaneous costs.


  • Consultant # 1, [Insert Name if the consultant has been identified], will provide 100 hours of time at $75/hour to implement the program evaluation plan.  Travel in the amount of $100 is included to cover ground transportation costs to conduct project evaluation site visits.


For each direct operating expenses line-item, please provide a brief explanation of the operating expenses, the quantity to be used, and cost per item.


  • Educational materials include 200 books @ $15 each to be used with case management clients.  Other materials include 200 writing tablets @ $3 each; 100 pens at $.50 each; etc.
  • Office supplies include case files, stamps, paper, and envelopes.  This request is for $300 toward those supplies.  The balance will be given in-kind by the organization.
  • Mileage for the Case Manager is requested at $.36/mile for 1,500 miles, totaling $540.
  • Telephone hotline services, valued at $3,000, will be funded through a grant from Foundation X.

Travel requests should include detailed information regarding the number of trips, specific costs such as airfare, mileage, per diem, and ground transportation associated with each trip, and the total cost of each trip requested.  Include how the proposed travel will benefit the project and why the travel is necessary to implement the project goals and objectives.  If there are unusual or special circumstances that require a high volume of travel, please provide a thorough explanation that justifies the increased travel expenses.


Archstone Foundation allows up to a maximum of 10% for indirect costs.


Sub-grants and Subcontracts:  Sub-grants or subcontracts should be included as a “lump sum” under Direct Operating Costs of the submitting grantee’s Budget Request.  In addition, a detailed Budget Request and Budget Narrative should be submitted for each of the sub-grants or subcontracts. Please group the Budget Requests and Budget Narratives by organization using sub-headings that identify each organization name.

The Budget Narrative of the submitting grantee should describe the attributes and expertise of each organization chosen to participate on the project as a sub-grantee or subcontractor, and to which specific goals/objective(s) and/or result(s) their will participation will contribute toward.

Other Funding: Please include sources of “Other Funding”.

If you have requested or anticipate receiving additional support from other sources (i.e. foundations, fundraisers, in-kind support, etc.) for the proposed project, please include those sources and amounts in the Budget Narrative.

Please include the amount requested or received, and include an explanation of the support to be provided and indicate whether the support is committed or pending.  If you are requesting partial funding from Archstone Foundation for the project and will depend on funds from other sources, please describe your contingency plans if full project funding does not become available. If you have applied for funding from other sources which overlaps with the funding requested in this proposal, please indicate the nature and timing of that potential funding.

Multi-Year Budgets:  Please submit a Budget Request and Budget Narrative for each year if the request is for a multi-year project.