Full Proposal Requirements

If the Foundation has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP), or in response to a LOI that fits within the Foundation's priorities, an organization may be asked to submit a Full Proposal.   Program staff will be responsive to questions during the development of the Full Proposal.  In no more than eight pages, the proposal should address the required components noted below in items one through eight.  Items nine through 16 may be included as attachments. 

  1. A grant application cover sheet;
  2. A one paragraph executive summary that includes the amount being requested, number served (and population description including socioeconomic status and demographics of older adults served), project goals and objectives, and how funds will be used.
  3. Background on the issue/need(s) to be addressed;
  4. The conceptual framework and rationale for the project;
  5. Background of the organization and its capacity to undertake the work;
  6. A project description, including the goals, objectives, timeline and specific activities to be funded;
  7. A plan for evaluating the project and its anticipated outcomes, please include specific measurements;
  8. A plan for sustaining or continuing the project upon the completion of the proposed grant (if appropriate);
  9. A description of the qualifications of key project staff (i.e., resume) and job descriptions for those to be hired;
  10. A detailed line-item budget for the total project and the amount requested, accompanied by a budget narrative, explaining how the funds will be used (please use one year, two year and three years budget templates);
  11. A list of grants received during the past two years;
  12. A list of pending applications by source of funding;
  13. List of Board of Directors and principal occupations;
  14. Current organization's operating budget; 
  15. If applicable, Memorandum of Agreements (MOAs) that specify roles and responsibilities; and
  16. An electronic copy (on flashdrive or disk) of the proposal's narrative, line-item budget, and budget narrative readable in Word and/or Excel.

Full proposals should be mailed to the designated Foundation program staff member at:

Archstone Foundation 
301 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 1850
Long Beach, CA 90802

Full Proposal Review Process
Full Proposals meeting the guidelines and priorities of the Foundation are reviewed by the Proposal Review Committee (PRC), a sub-committee of the Foundation's Board.  This committee will refer a slate of proposals to the Board of Directors for consideration.  The Board meets quarterly to make funding decisions.  Generally, the review process takes four to six months from receipt of the funding request.