No-Cost Extension Guidelines

A no-cost extension may be requested at any time. A no-cost extension should be requested when there is work to be completed on the project, and remaining funds.  Project/program managers should review the project goals, objectives, and the project budget variances in Quarter Three to determine whether there is a need for a no-cost extension.

During the course of your work, you may encounter unexpected project or program delays. Should you experience delays, you may request an extension if your project will not be completed by the current end-date and/or if there is a programmatic benefit to continue the work beyond the end date.  The proposed activities during the extension period must be consistent with the original goals and objectives of the grant awarded.

What to Do

  • Email your response to numbers 1 – 5 below to;
  • Reference your Grant Number in your response; and
  • Your responses need not be lengthy, clear and concise answers will suffice.

What to Provide

  1. The proposed new project end-date;
  2. An explanation of what caused the change in the program/project timeline;
  3. The scope of work that will occur during the no-cost extension period;
  4. If this is a new activity or activities originally planned under the grant; and
  5. The new timeline, benchmarks, and/or project deliverables. 

All requests must be formally approved by your Program Officer.  If approved, progress reports will be requested on a quarterly basis, in addition to the final evaluation. Final payments will be adjusted to the new timeline.

Download No Cost Extension Guidelines.